Monday, January 19, 2009

a teaser...

I know I promised photos of seal pups when I returned from San Simeon, and I will be posting far more than you will probably care to see! Tonight, however, I must just give you a tiny taste... a teaser, if you will. I took FAR too many photos (well over 1000 in two days!) this weekend and am still in the process of downloading them onto my very slow computer. (ah, the joys and downfalls of digital photography!)

It was a wonderful weekend full of California coastal sunshine and a multitude of seals--huge males, many moms, and many, many tiny pups! A feast of nature at its finest... the wonders of God's amazing creation!

So, for tonight, enjoy these photos... there are more to come! I promise!! of the male elephant seals--take a look at that nose!!
...a "mommy and me" moment... (this pup was probably a couple of weeks old)


  1. Oh... look at the seals! They seem to be laughing! I love the series you've shared earlier too, especially that last picture. Amusing!

    You're very fortunate to catch the sight as such relative distance! Love the pups..

  2. Oh, I love the baby and momma ... and the big nose. :)

  3. I love how they all just lie there like big fat suntanning sausages. Can't wait to see more! Oh, and tag you're it. ;)


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