Thursday, January 29, 2009

tagged again...

Well, one of the things that happens when you play games with your friends is that you eventually get tagged and get to be "it" again! (If you remember from my last 'tag' post, I've never been a very fast runner, and as a result, got to be 'it' quite often.)

My friend (and former neighbor : ( --I miss you!!),
Eva, played along when I tagged her, but then she did that most evil tag trick...and tagged me before I could run away! I didn't have time to yell "no tag backs!" And, so, I'm back in the game...

This one is an easy one for anyone who takes photos, and since we know I take a LOT of photos, it shall not be difficult to play along. The rules are simple:

  1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on the computer
  2. Select the 4th picture in the folder
  3. Explain the picture
  4. Tag 4 people to do the same

I'm going to cheat just a wee bit because I store my photos in two places--some on my laptop, and because it's old and has no more memory, the majority on an external hard drive. There is another reason I'm going to cheat a bit...and it's because the 4th picture in the 4th folder in my main photo storage is a wee bit embarassing.... because it's of me...and it's not all that flattering! (I don't have that many photos of myself, so I was quite dismayed that, out of all the thousands of photos I have on file, the 4th of the 4th was of me!)

Allow me to follow rule #3 right now and explain the photo... My niece lives with her family in the the nation of Georgia (missionaries with YWAM), and they only come home every two years for a couple of months to visit everyone. Two years ago when they were here she was 5, and we were spending time together. She wanted to take pictures with my camera, so I gave it over. And, she started snapping away--mostly of me! She kept telling me how she wanted me to pose (she definitely had in mind what she wanted to see!), and the following photo is the 4th photo in the 4th folder:

There you have it--me, in all my glory! (so sorry, folks! but let's all be glad it wasn't the 5th photo which was a very close up of my face while I was blowing up a bright pink swim ring!!) And, yes, the hands were by my niece's instruction!

So, now, to take away a little of my embarrasment and the spotlight off that photo of me-- this is the 4th photo in the 4th folder in my secondary photo storage:

This flower was one of a patch of wild sweet peas I discovered in Grass Valley, California when I was living there for a time. This was when I was first discovering the joys of digital photography--you know, taking a million photos and never having to pay to see them!!

Now, for the tagging part...

Tag! You're it! And, since you guys all post photos on your blogs, I know you've got to have a 4th folder with a 4th photo in it! (and, I do apologize that I've tagged a couple of you before... but this one's far less time-consuming!)


  1. fun selfie of you...that's brave sharing (I hate pictures of me too) and I love the color of the sweet pea.

  2. Love your pictures. Both, beautiful!

  3. you ladies are all so very gracious! thank you! :)

  4. Love the shot, it's full of cheer. I love your niece's instruction! And the flower, of course!!

    Happy to be tagged again, I shall be looking into my 4th folder soon.

  5. that's interesting rule of the game. I'll do it soon, I promise :-)


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