Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thinking differently...

"Discovery consists of looking
at the same thing as everyone else
and thinking something different."
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

You might see the rock formation below and think as I did when I saw it-- "Hmmm. Cool rock!" It had some really neat coloration and patterns on it, and it contrasted so beautifully with the brilliant blue sky behind it.

And, then again, you might look at this rock and think something different, like.... "Hmmm. Cool iguana!"

Right there! On the top left slope of the rock... right between 10 and 11 o'clock! An iguana! (see its head with the pointy nose and smirking mouth, the plated-armor look of his back?)

Now, I took the photograph when I saw only the rock formation. I thought it was nice, and I liked the color contrasts. But, later, when I really looked at the formation--THAT was when the moment of "discovery" came--when I saw the iguana.

And for me, with the discovery came an even greater joy...an even deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfullment. A bit of a thrill at the discovery! It was when I saw it differently, when I thought about it differently. That was the moment of delight!

I find it is the same in regards to how I see my daily life, how I think about the events and people and circumstances. If I look at difficult circumstances or at the normal, mundane bits of daily life through the eyes of human nature, I feel discouraged or bored or weary. But, if I look at them in a different way, if I think something different--like how God sees and thinks about these things or what special something He may have in store for me--I discover that there is so much more than what I see at first glance.

I discover JOY in the heart shape of a strange beached jellyfish.

I discover DELIGHT in the sea creatures hiding in the crevices of the rocks.

I discover PEACE in the colors of a sunset painted on the evening sky.

I discover CONTENTMENT in a heart filled with GRATITUDE at God's goodness and amazing love displayed for me... if I will but look about me with my eyes and my heart open to see an iguana where others see only a rock.


  1. you have an excellent power of imagination sharilyn. I smiled to myself when I remember I used to stare at the sky and try to make some imaginary cloud formation. But now? I hardly even have time to sleep... let alone imagining... he he he

  2. There is so much meat in this post...Fabulous!!!

  3. wow - that is great "seeing". I took a class called the art of seeing in the winter and loved it. thanks so much for visiting my blog and I will be back to visit yours too.

  4. Eyes to see, that's what you have. Children are also good at having this kind of vision. It's wonderful to look beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary.

    I'm glad the poem spoke to you and it's just fine to share it with your friend. I hope it ministers to them in at least some small way.

    I appreciate your prayers and encouraging words for my dad.


  5. Gratitude is where it is. You have a precious heart and it is full of gratitude. Thank you for how you bless me and for the "ahhhh, cool" that came from my kiddo's when they looked at these pictures! :)

  6. thanks, jessica! i shall pray that you will have wonderfully imaginative dreams...when you do get a few hours to sleep!

    jerri, i appreciate your encouraging words! and, usually i'm preaching to myself...like in this one!

    char, that sounds like an interesting class! i'd love to take something like that!

    thanks, angie! and, you're so right about kid-vision... i think that's one of the reasons i love being around little kids. they haven't lost the magic sight...

  7. debra, i'm so glad you and your girls have enjoyed my photos! thank you for your encouragement and your wonderful heart... i am always blessed when you stop by! truly! thank you, my friend...


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