Friday, August 22, 2008

a dinner cruise and moon jellies...

Tonight I was able to join my friends for a 'dinner cruise' on the canals and inner harbor areas in a boat like the one pictured below on the right. We took dinner aboard and 'set sail' to an inland bay to enjoy the evening on the water. It was beautiful!! The sun sparkled on the water, and as it drew nearer the horizon, a diamond dust trail of sunlight made a path across the sea.

One of the most awesome experiences of the evening, however, was waiting for us in a little inlet called Spinnaker Cove. As our trusty captain drove the boat into the little canal, we saw some of what I consider to be one of God's most beautiful sea creatures...the moon jelly!! There they were, wild, floating and swimming in the water!!

(This picture was not taken tonight, but this is what they look like. I took these pictures at the local aquarium.) They were swimming around the boat freely, gracefully, beautifully. They would come up from the depths, and one of the kids (or adults!) would shout with excitement and glee as they rose right up to the surface next to the boat.
Then we were all trying to touch them...reaching as far out of the boat as we could to touch one as it floated by. It was magnificent!! Everyone who tried to touch one was successful (except me, though it wasn't for lack of trying!!), and what a glorious experience it was to be so very close to such amazing sea creatures!
After the incredible time with the moon jellies, we headed back toward home as the sun was setting. It cast lovely pink and pale orange across the water, matching the colors painted in the sunset sky. The darkness of the late evening followed, accentuated with the reflections of lights sprinkled on the water. It was a beautiful end to the day.

For these many amazing gifts I am grateful...

  • a boat ride with friends (25)
  • moon jellies in all their detail and glory (24)
  • connection with God's creation (23)
  • sunset colors painted on water and sky (22)
  • the laughter of children (21)
  • the lovely evening ocean breeze (20)
  • reflections on the water (19)

In the words of e.e. cummings: "i thank You God for most this amazing day!"


  1. It must have been such a beautiful night! Dinner cruise and moon jellies? Totally magical!! I can't take my eyes off the jelly fish, I suppose they don't sting?

    I really hope that I get to enjoy a cruise dinner someday. =) Maybe on a full moon night... that would be so romantic!

  2. well, we had been told that it was safe to touch the tops (like in the movie "Finding Nemo"), but we discovered that these do not seem to sting at all. on a previous excursion in a small boat, one of the boys had fallen overboard and touched many of the jellies up close, including their tentacles hanging below. his comment was that they do not sting! (good thing to find out when you're swimming with them!) :) ...they truly are beautiful!!

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