Thursday, August 21, 2008

the great worm wars...

Ok. I simply must tell about my horrifying experience this morning. Or, perhaps I should just call it 'gross and disgusting.' Either way, I must tell you--as briefly as possible so as not to alarm the faint of heart! I shall first make the disclaimer that, though I am a great appreciator of God's great creation and delightful creatures, I like them (the creatures!) far better when they are out in God's creation and not in my least the crawling ones!

Well, long story short... I walked into my kitchen this morning to find gross little white wormy things crawling all over my kitchen floor!! I must say that my love for nature did not prevail, and I quickly squashed them with a paper towel, threw them away, and went about my morning getting-ready-for-work business. When I came back out to the kitchen a bit later, it was to discover a whole new army of wriggling white worms crawling across the floor and all over my kitchen throw rugs. EEEEEEKKKK!!! They were hustling and bustling (truly! even without legs!!) to somewhere, and the only thought in my head was to stop them, no matter what!

Perhaps there are those who will laugh at me for my worm-squeamishness, especially they who know my fascination with bugs and other creatures. And, I've baited many a fishing hook in my younger years, but this was just down-right horrifying to see in my kitchen! I kept having flashbacks of a similar nightmarish situation where I lived before when I had brothers and sisters of these worms hanging from little worm-threads all over my kitchen ceiling. (it was even worse that time!)

Well, to make the story short, I did battle with the worms several times until I left for work, and I had many apprehensive thoughts as to what I would be coming home to tonight--perhaps little worm encampments and wormy trenches dug from which to continue the battle. Fortunately, I discovered that most of them were wiped out in the morning worm war, and I just had little worm corpses to sweep and vacuum up when I got home.

All that to say, there are some of God's creation for which I do NOT have an appreciation...nor kindly feelings toward. I would like to think that such things--like the cockroach and the mosquito and wiggling white worms in my kitchen--are a result of the Fall, but since I know God is the Creator of all things, I just have to wonder about the purpose of pantry moths and their gross grubby-babies! And I must admit, that I shall not be adding them to my '1000 gifts' list either!

I have no profound analogy nor lesson I can think of relating to this worm war... but I shall share, instead, this little cartoon I found. And perhaps, if nothing else, we can share in the wonder and mystery of reproduction! Enjoy!

for more fun with the chickens, go to the Savage Chickens website... I love Doug's sense of humor, (and most of them are very clean) ... I am addicted to my daily dose of the chickens! (used by permission of artist)
8/22/08 update --only one worm in the kitchen this morning, and the bug man cometh! diagnosis: mealy bug larvae on the move! must get rid of all affected/infected? spices, baking supplies, tea, & candy!! even the worms like sweets!!


  1. Psalm 22:6
    But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by men and despised by the people.

  2. oh my gosh!! you SO crack me up!! that was marvelous! you are so very clever, my friend! poor little worms...they were definitely scorned & despised by me! :) and thanks so much for stopping in & reading!


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