Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a little glimpse out my window...

Though I live in beautiful sunny southern California, I do work indoors all day during the week. For two years, I worked in a small office with a teeny tiny 6"-wide window along the right hand corner of my office. (which, I admit, is better than a completely windowless cubicle!) Although I had my desk pressed up against that little window to the outside world, I felt very "indoors" each day at work.

Last August, however, I had an opportunity to move offices, and for the past year, I have been truly BLESSED with a great big window along one wall of my office. What a difference it has made to be able to have wonderful outside light pouring in and to be able to see green bushes (short, fan-shaped palm fronds), trees (palms, eucalyptus), and the activity of a street. Mostly, to my great delight, my window view is full of greenery! What a joy for my nature-loving soul!
The best treat, however, has just come into bloom... There is a tree right along the sidewalk in front of my window that blooms at the beginning of August each year. (I had just missed it last year when I moved in.) For several months in the fall and again in the late spring/early summer, it is green with leaves; in the winter it is completely bare and brown... but in August!! Wow! What a treat! I thought I would share it with you today so you, too, may bask in the glorious pinkness of 'my tree.' (photo taken from my desk!)
And, look at that brilliant
(bottom two photos taken today)

Thank You, God,
for such beauty in our daily life!
Thank You
for Your love for color and light!

Enjoy the view with me today from my little window on the world... and join me in praising the Creator for such wonderful creation!


  1. Oh, I'm so happy for you! The window and of course the gorgeous view! I totally understand that joy in you. ;) It's really something to thank the Lord for. =D Thanks for sharing the fantastic view.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it with me, Stardust! His creation brings such joy! :)


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