Monday, August 4, 2008

mornings and mowed grass

Alright. I'll admit it. I don't really like mornings. I don't think I ever really did. Let me think... hmmmm. Well, actually, I guess I don't mind mornings themselves so much; they can be quite beautiful and refreshing-- a new day! It's the GETTING UP IN THE MORNING that I don't like. I can STAY UP all night and welcome the wee hours of the morning with no problem, but ask me to get up and get going early, and it's definitely not on my list of likes!

So, here it was --another morning. And a Monday morning at that, which, of course, means it's time to get up and go to work. Sigh. I lay there in my nice cozy bed, trying to force my eyes open but not being too successful. I thought, instead, that I would go for a big deep breath and a stretch to start the getting-up process.... (that's what my cat used to do, anyway! it's worth a try)

Mmmmm. What IS that I smell?! With that deep resigned breath, I caught the wonderful smell of freshly-mowed grass! (ok. who on earth is mowing the lawn at 7am??!) I LOVE the smell of freshly-cut grass--so green smelling, so crisp, so summery! Nice. What a treat!!

I lay there (still in my nice cozy bed but a bit closer to actually getting up!), breathing deeply of the delicious smell, and my thoughts were no longer of Mondays and struggle. I was transported to a place of blue skies, open meadows, a summery breeze, birds singing cheerfully. It was a delightful way to start my day. I am grateful! Thank you, Father, for the way you bless our days in the small things if we will just breathe them in!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..."
James 1:17


  1. Reminds me of one of my favorite summertime smells: asphalt roads after a warm summer rain...fresh, free and full of promise. God's blessings are abundant. Your posts offer a daily dose of inspiration and reflection. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Kimberly, for your encouragement! And, being raised in MI, I do know that smell you're talking about. I remember it well, though out here in sunny & dry CA, it's been long since I've smelled it. Aahhh. Summer scent-sations!


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