Monday, August 18, 2008

mindless living...

Tonight, I was merrily driving home from work and all of a sudden realized I was not really aware of where I was! I wasn't lost; I was on one of the many different routes I take from work to home. It was just that I had not been paying attention to which route I was taking and suddenly became aware that, though I was partway home, it was not the way I had intended to go. I was sort of on 'autopilot.'

That set me to thinking... about how much of life we go through in much the same manner. Oh, we know our destination and our starting point, and we set out on our way. But sometimes along the way, we stop thinking about where we're going or why, and we end up just going through the motions. We don't really pay attention to the route. The result is that we may get where we're going, but without attention to the details, we can miss much of the 'scenery' along the way.

Or maybe it's just me? I think I tend to do this more often when the route becomes routine and familiar. I find myself cruising along without really looking around me or truly paying attention. As a result, I can miss out on opportunities that may just be waiting for my discovery--people, joys, even adventures! And this is not simply in the physical realm either but also in the spiritual--in my walk with God through this life. If I just "go through the motions," I can miss out on opportunites for growth or for seeing or sharing the love of God...I may become oblivious to the gentle proddings or quiet whispers through which He speaks to me. (We can also be much more apt to stumble over obstacles in our way!)
I need to remember that God desires for us to have "abundant life," and I think that means we need to live it fully aware...with our eyes wide open and paying attention to every moment. Thank you, Lord, for "eyes to see"... I will try to keep them open tomorrow!

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