Wednesday, August 27, 2008

reina's heart...

Since you all stuck with me through that long post yesterday, today's will be a relatively short one. If you read my heart rock story, you may remember me saying that I don't find quite as many heart rocks as I did before...but I do find other heart-shaped objects in my daily life, like fruit, leaves, and other not-normally-heart-shaped objects.

I especially appreciate discovering these hearts when I'm going through a difficult situation or time in life. It is then that I recognize it is my loving Father's way of reminding me He's right in the midst of this life with me.

One such heart I found recently was during Reina's (
see yesterday's post) last couple of days. I was having a difficult time with her being sick and me knowing that she was not going to be with me much longer. I had been trying to feed her all her favorite foods and treats, and she just wasn't able to eat any of them. One of her favorites was fresh salmon, so I cut a fillet up into tiny cubes for her. She couldn't eat it, so I had taken it to the kitchen and thrown it into the sink. I washed everything down the garbage disposal and ran it. When I turned it off and looked into the sink, this is what I saw:

It was a little piece of salmon in the shape of a heart!! It brought tears to my eyes...I knew it was God telling me that He understood how hard this was for me and He was reminding me how much He loves me. He truly does care about all the little (or not so little) things in our lives and takes the time to tell us if we will open the 'eyes of our hearts' to see His demonstrations of love....

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you ~Eph 1:18


  1. Hi. Thanks for your nice comment about my bug. :)

    I'm sorry you lost your cat. I haven't had to go through that since I was a kid, but I remember what a horrible feeling it is. I'm glad you have your hearts to make you feel better, though. That's really sweet.


  2. Sharilyn,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Reina... she's such a lady, I love the picture of her at the end of the post.

    My eyes welled with tears when I saw the heart. I think, in a way, the Lord conveyed Reina's feelings to you through the piece of salmon. I'm sure Reina knows your heart and love for her, and she loved you too...


    I'm reminded of my most loved pet, Muffin. The Lord gave us some most precious, and intimate time together... Muffin seemed to have told me, he understood my love for him, and he loved me too. =*)

    Hugs... we've been loved.


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