Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hearts of rubber...made for stretching...

Today I thought I would share the "rubberband heart" I mentioned in Monday's post. Here it is:

The day I found it I was out for a morning walk to clear my head and prepare myself for the day. I looked down at the dirt beneath my feet, and there it was-- just lying there waiting for me to discover it! For some reason this is one of my very favorite hearts! It makes me smile every time I see it! (ah, the lengths God goes to to whisper His love to us!)

Now when I look at this heart made of rubber, it reminds me of the ways God stretches us to help us grow in love toward Him and toward others. Sometimes, it's a matter of us stretching beyond our comfort zones--to reach out in love to others when we might not want to or are not comfortable doing so. Sometimes, it's a matter of stretching us in our trust in God--growing us through struggles or difficult issues in our lives that require dependence upon Him.

And sometimes, it's just about our lives being so full of His grace and His kindness and His love, that our hearts must stretch to be big enough to contain it all! Thank God for hearts of rubber!


  1. Now this touches me again. Thanks for sharing the thought of a ' stretching heart ' ;) I'm guilty of not having one stretchy enough. I think it not only spoke to you, it speaks to me as well... Thanks for sharing this...

  2. Hi, what a touching message. 27 years ago today I didn't realize how stretched I would be after having your wonderful nephew!!!
    love ya, Cheryl

  3. Thanks, Stardust! I'm so glad you to hear from you again!

    And, Cheryl...thanks for having that wonderful nephew of mine! I think he's a keeper! :) Happy Birthday, Brandon!!


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