Friday, November 21, 2008

another of my favorite things...

Awesome clouds. I love clouds. I find them beautiful and amazing...and, living in Southern California, we don't get so many as in other places. Many, many days of the year we experience what my mom calls a "California sky"-- that is, a vast expanse of pretty blue sky with absolutely no clouds to be seen.

But, every now and then, I am treated to some wonderful cloud sights! I usually respond by grabbing my camera and trying, oh so hard!, to get some cool photos. A few weeks ago, when we actually had a bit of rain (yes, occasionally it does rain here!), there were some very interesting and photo-worthy clouds outside my door. I call this type "cloud ledges," and I find them most intriguing, indeed!
They look so heavy and full and menacing... but look at that blue sky at the top! It's all a big tease!
Now, that's more LIKE it!

I love it when they're dark and menacing...
and yet, they look amazingly fluffy as well.

...what beautiful flowing lines...

...and incredible texture!
Then, when I stopped at the post office near my office,
there were more cloud ledges!

I find the contrast of colors so very striking! Aren't they simply wonderful??

Ah, I do so love clouds...and these were sure interesting ones! Let's hear it for the diversity of God's creation, and let's hear it for the beauty of cloud ledges!!


  1. There is beauty in everything ... even storms and storm clouds. Love those pictures. God is so cool! So are you!

  2. Such wonderful clouds! It never really occurred to me what it is like to live in a place that is so sunny all the time... The only skies I hate around here are the days when it is dull and grey...

  3. I love watching clouds too! =) Or perhaps, everything that's in the sky. Never tired of watching the many faces it has.

  4. debra - thanks so much! i love it when you stop by to visit! and, i agree, God IS pretty cool! : )

    mary - before i moved to southern california years ago, a bus driver told me that, by the end of the summer, i would be WISHING for a rain cloud! i laughed then, but now i know how right he was!! and me who loves storms so!! : ) gotta love it when the weather gets weird or dramatic!

    star- you do tend to find interesting things in the clouds, don't you! it shows that we're "looking up!" : )


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