Monday, November 10, 2008

lesson from a seagull...

Lesson from a Seagull

On the surface all is quiet and still,
the appearance of gentle gliding across the water,
but looking below the surface, reality i see--
how furiously the seagull's feet are paddling
to keep the little head above the water.

At times, my life is like that swimming seagull:
an appearance of calm and smoothness,
gently gliding through life with no effort...
but beneath the surface is frenzied activity,
struggling, fighting to keep my head above the water.

The seagull sees a rock and climbs upon it;
it rests from its wearying swim,
safe and warm, calm and at peace...
no striving, no effort...
just resting in the safety and strength of the rock.

I see the hand of Jesus stretched toward me,
that mighty Rock and Refuge sent for me.
I climb upon the Rock and rest from my wearying struggle...
no striving, no effort...
just resting in the safety and strength of the Rock.


  1. =) I'm another seagull then. =P

    And I delight in finding rest in the Lord. The idea of ' no striving, no effort ' gives me peace. I truly yearn to rest more in the Lord, and I know that He gladly gives Himself to me.

    I hope that you are resting well on our Rock too. Hugs.

  2. ah yes, star, so you can relate! unfortunately, sometimes i have to strive to get myself to the place of resting in Him... hmmm. how DOES that work!?! i'm so glad He is so generous with Himself and loves us so! thanks for your words.


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