Saturday, November 22, 2008

ok...a few more of my favorite...

...things? How about "people" instead?! Since I've been on a roll the past couple of days about some of my are a few more... they are my friends' grandkids, and they are so very much fun to hang out with.......going to the beach, to the movies, playing cards together (tonight was Go Fish and Uno), talking about life, laughing together...

good times!!

Though I don't have kids of my own, I do so enjoy being a part of my friends' kids lives. They bring so much joy and laughter to our lives! I am truly blessed by their smiles and hugs and wide-eyed wonder and am grateful for them in my life!
Kids faces say so much...especially the mouth part!
~unknown author


  1. Ok, I may dread pregnancy and childbirth like crazy but kids are too hard to resist!

    There's a toddler staying below our apartment, he's a darling. When I was doing the flowers, he came so close to me in his daddy's slippers ( obviously too HUGE for him ), touched my flowers with his small hands and gave me a huge smile. Oh gosh, tears gushed whenever he does that to me. He melts me instantly!

    Sadly, his mother just informed me that they are moving away this Sunday. And it feels like punching a hole through my heart. I shall be missing his smile and enthusiastic waves... sniff.

  2. star--oh yes, children in our lives DO bring such joy! i love them! i have a neighbor who is about 2yrs old, blond, and a bright-eyed delightful boy with a heart-melting smile! sometimes he comes over "visiting" to my apt and makes himself right at home!

    these wonderful red-headed kids are my friends' kids, and they used to live about 25 minutes from my house... unfortunately, they moved a year ago and are now an hour and a half away. :( i miss their closeness, but do so enjoy the times i get to spend with them still!


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