Friday, November 28, 2008

no black friday here...just gratitude...

Today in my home, there is no "black" on this Friday... just a day of relaxing and celebrating God's goodness! (these sun/cloud shots were taken yesterday while driving to our Thanksgiving destination... wonderful!!)

  • a country founded and built upon the desire for freedom to worship God! (148)
  • friends with whom to spend the holiday (147)
  • a table full of food (146)
  • five kernels of corn beside my plate (lest I forget) (145)
  • family, though they live far away (144)
  • a night of glorious rain (143)
  • the delighted smile on the face of my neighbor's son (142)
  • a beautiful swarm of tiny "butterflies" in the morning light (141)(though they were actually termites on the move!!)
  • a great night's sleep (140)
  • a comfortable bed in which to sleep (139)
  • good books to read (138)
  • the ability to read!! (137)
  • laughter (136)
  • playing with little kids (135)
  • a long drive with good friends (134)
  • Thanksgiving leftovers (133)
  • NOT going shopping on "Black Friday" (132)
  • enjoying a day of relaxing (131)
  • Christmas music! (130)
  • more beautiful and amazing clouds! (129)


  1. Hi Sharilyn,

    It's so good to see the sun images. Wonderful post. Thanks.

    Best wishes,


  2. These days are blue for us... But admist the blue times, we give thanks to God too for the good things that have happened... I'm reminded to count those blessings and be happy, cos we've been blessed.

  3. hey skeeter, glad you liked the sun shots! good to hear from you again... hope all is well in your world!

    yes, stardust, we are blessed! in so very many ways....


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