Saturday, November 1, 2008

laughter at the gas pump

I had a shocking and wonderful experience yesterday. I laughed! At the gas pump! Well, I didn't actually laugh AT the gas pump; I laughed while pumping gas at the gas pump. Yes, I know, it may sound strange... and that may be what the other customers were thinking about ME as I stood by the pump and delightedly laughed out loud.

If any of them had bravely ventured forth to enquire as to WHY I was laughing, I would have been happy to share my joy with them. But, sadly, none dared (or bothered) to ask.

I will tell you, however, what caused my delight... I was only paying $2.45 per gallon!!!! which meant I was able to fill my tank for only $35!!!! Amazing and miraculous!!! (especially since most gas stations in our area are still charging between $2.80-$3.00/gallon)

Due to city driving, my old car gets very low gas mileage, and for now, I must continue to drive this car. Just to go to work and back and to church once in a week, it takes a full tank of gas. For many, many months now it has been costing me $65-$70 per week for gas, and we here in Southern California haven't seen gas prices below $4/gallon for a very, very, very, very (ok, you get the idea!) long time! It was only about two months ago we were paying about $4.59/gal.

So, I had great cause for joy!!! I filled up my tank for HALF THE PRICE of late! I couldn't help but laugh! and, had I known how, I might even have done a little jig! : ) (though that probably WOULD have caused a ruckus at the gas station!)

I share this story with you to also serve as a reminder to myself of this great blessing! For, it truly is that. And, lest I forget or take it for granted, I share it with you and express my gratitude to our Great Provider...from Whom comes all good gifts!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. ~James 1:17

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