Sunday, November 30, 2008

celebrate the Sabbath...

There is a realm of time where the goal is
not to have but to be,
not to own but to give,
not to control but to share,
not to subdue but to be in accord.
Life goes wrong when the control of space,
the acquisition of things of space,
becomes our sole concern.”

~Abraham Joshua Heschel


  1. wow, capturing the rainbow this clear is a great achievement. Another blessed sunday just passed by.

  2. Wow! Love the comment and really love the pictures. How amazing they are. You are a great photographer! Of course, God provides you an awesome canvas!

  3. Beautiful rainbow!

    I haven't seen a single rainbow this year. Glad that you've captured such great ones.

  4. ladies--the truly amazing thing about these photos is that they were taken on my CELL PHONE!! i was out enjoying the afternoon and a bit of sprinkles and had pulled my car over at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. i "just happened" to look out the window over my left shoulder, and there was that rainbow! it was a complete arch touching the ground on each end and even had a faint double rainbow as well. it was amazing!! i leaped out of the car and grabbed my ever-handy camera to discover that the batteries were dead. :( i was soooo bummed. i then remembered my cell phone camera and was able to snap these photos. (they're very very small res so i can't print them out, but at least i captured a bit of the moment!)

    it was one of those wonderful moments of God reminding me to watch for His delightful little surprises in the gloom.

    thanks, debra, for your kind and encouraging words! i just LOVE taking pictures and am so happy when i actually get some good shots! :)


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