Thursday, November 13, 2008

living in the now...

Neither go back in fear and misgiving to the past,
nor in anxiety and forecasting to the future,
but lie quiet under His hand, having no will but His.
~ H. E. Manning

A fellow blogger had posted this quote on her blog today, and I thought I would also share it. (I hope you don't mind, Robin!) It seems to perfectly address where I, and I'm sure many others as well, am at emotionally and mentally the past couple of weeks.

So much of the time, we struggle with living in the here and now. Many times we think about what "was"--whether it was good or bad. Regrets for mistakes or poor choices. Sadness over loss. Wishing for circumstances to be as they were "back when." Or, on the other end of the pendulum swing, we focus on what is to come. Anxiety over the 'what ifs' and uncertainty of the future. Worrying about what may or may not happen. Waiting for some elusive day in the future when it will be the time for this or that.

I don't think it is only I...but I know I do have to battle to stay "in the now." To focus on the present...on each day while it is here. I believe that is what God has called us to do. He tells us not to worry about the future: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6:24) He tells us to stay in the moment, to focus on today. He tells us to trust in His care (Matthew 6:29-32); He knows our needs and will provide.

Though you may have heard it said before, it is worth repeating: God does not call Himself "I WAS," nor does He call Himself "I WILL BE." God says His name is "I AM"...the God of now, of the present, forever. And that is where He calls us to live... in the now, where He is. May this be the prayer of our hearts today--that we would not look at the past or the future but rest ourselves quietly in the I AM...

...and as I promised yesterday, the answers to the curiosity questions:

  • a - the sand 'stood up' like that because the morning was very cold on the MI beach, and there was ice around the little formations which had melted by the time we saw it!!
  • b - oh my, yes! this little plant is as soft and fuzzy as a kitten's tummy fur!
  • c - those are the 'skeletons' of a wonderful sea creature called a "By The Wind Sailor" which 'sails' on top of the ocean in groups... not common to see but beautiful (Google them if you get the chance! they're a marvelous blue color under their sails)
  • d - the tree bark was wonderfully rough and scratchy mixed with smooth silky spots
  • e - there was nothing up those hidden stairs...not any longer, anyway. they were part of an old home foundation.
  • f - it was a jellyfish of sorts (no tentacles), and it was extremely firm and rubbery to the touch (heavy, too).
  • g - that sea creature is an anemone out of the water. it holds bits of stones and shells to its body as a sort of camoflage. it is extremely squishy if you poke it! : )
  • h - the thistle was prickly but also soft if brushed in the direction of the pokey bits.
  • i - I don't know who set the chair up there in the first place, but I did take my turn sitting in it to gaze out to the ocean!
  • j - we are not sure what these are! I asked a marine biologist friend of mine, and he believes them to be the eggs of some sort of mollusk or octopus. they're very, very small and amazing in color and shape! (look like Christmas lights to me!) if you know what they are, please, by all means, let me know!!
  • k - I'm really not sure why sometimes we can see the moon so perfectly in the day time! I really need to research that... but I do find it fascinating!


  1. thanks for your sharing, it really does relief my soul. I was reading the news today and read about upsetting news. Well, the world is a wicked place, but I am glad God still in control so we can cast all our care upon him :-)

  2. Amen sister ... that is good stuff. I listened to a talk once where the guy talked about "I AM." It was awesome. What my girls carried away is that the Jewish word for "I AM" is "Hayah" ... the God who makes the promise, keeps the promise. Isn't that good? We "hayah" around here lots ... just to keep that in mind.

  3. Over the weekend, hubby and I happened to discuss a topic that we obviously have no control over, and subjected to the grace of God.

    This post speaks to me a lot,and I'm glad to be reminded again that it's not God's desire that we, as Christians, should worry... We just want to trust that all things are well taken care of. Amen.

    OK, YIPPPEEEE! I got some of em right! =P the ' g ' thing is euwww... You should bring us on another curiousity walk again. =)


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