Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today is a short post.... just a wee bit.  I went to Sea World with my friends and their kids today and was treated to the wonders of sea life.  Unfortunately, I did not recharge my batteries before going, and as a result, have no photographic evidence of the amazing creatures I saw!  It refreshed my awe and wonder of God's creation as we watched dolphins leap into the sky, killer whales interact with humans in amazing ways, giant-yet-graceful manatees swimming under the water, and happy wonder-filled faces of children and adults alike.  It was a good time!!

My favorites were the gentle manatees (sea cows) swimming back and forth, rolling and turning and seeming to generally enjoy themselves.  I also really enjoyed the beluga whales (see blurry photos below)... white and ghostlike in the dark cold water, twirling, and "dancing."  They were quite beautiful.

It was a day of enjoying God's creation once again, both those with fins and those with feet!  Thanks, God, for the amazing creatures you have made!


  1. wow, they look amazing, in fact I thought it was glowing!

  2. I thought the beluga whale is round and cute.

    Sometimes, even cloud gazing fills me with awe, not to mention God's creation of living things, big and small...

    Glad that you've enjoyed Sea World

  3. I love the manatees, too. Isn't Sea World fun? We've been studying sea life in homeschool and I am constantly amazed at God's creativity in the oceans. He is so cool!

  4. yes, j.h., they did look like they were glowing! the water was very dark and their beautiful whiteness was so amazing! wonderful!

    so very many incredible creatures, stardust! we must always stay in awe!

    debra, i do so love sea life and the strange and unusual things living under the sea! i especially love those creatures which no one would usually see but that God must have created simply for His own pleasure and amusement. (did you see this post: ?) we have such a creative God! :) we have a terrific aquarium here in our city, and i love to go and just stand in awe of the delightful sea creations. (Aquarium of the Pacific) i love the jellies and especially the leafy seadragon!

  5. Even though I live smack in the mountains, whenever I need to escape for a while I head to the ocean. Thanks for warming my heart on such a cold day.


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