Monday, November 17, 2008

blocking the Son...

On Saturday, I posted the two photos below, which were two of the many I took of the smoke-enhanced sunset. The sunset that evening was so very beautiful--fiery reds, glowing pinks, and bright oranges... ...the exceptionally colorful sunset was all a result of the smoke from the several devastating fires that were burning that day...
Then yesterday I posted the photo below ...
One of my blogger friends left a comment saying, "I didn't realise that this picture is similar to the previous post entry. At first I thought this is a peaceful sunset and not a picture of forest fire or such. I guess I've been undermining the power of colour." (She was very observant, as it, too, was one of the photos I took the night of the fires.)

When I was shooting the photos, I realized I wasn't able to see the details of the sun itself because of the colors and the brilliant glow. I thought, perhaps, if I were to shoot it in black and white, I would be able to see the actual outlines of the sun. And it worked! As soon as I eliminated the parts of the sunset that were the most outstanding, the most visible--the color and the brilliance--I could actually see the sun itself in greater detail.

...Without the distraction of color, the sun was so much more clear to see and even elegant in its simplicity...

After reading JH's comment, it made me think about how this also applies to my spiritual life, to my faith in God. I think sometimes I can get distracted by the external trappings of walking with God--of church, of my expectations of Who He is, of the blessings He gives-- and I lose sight of the important details, such as Who He really is, His character, His love for me.

If, as JH said, I "underestimate the power of color," if I don't realize the effect of the external things--the distractions, no matter how beautiful they seem-- I can find myself blinded by them. I can find myself unable to see the simplicity of my relationship with God, the simplicity of faith in Him, the true details of His character, the awesome reality of His love for me. But, if I take away the "color" and view it all in black and white, I can see the Son Himself in greater detail-- the elegant beauty of Who He is and of His love for me.

...Without the distraction of "color," the Son is so much more clear to see and even elegant in His simplicity...


  1. oh how true, how often we lost track of what God have planned for us.
    Recession is on the door, many people in UK lost their jobs, however, my pastor points out probably this is the only way to turn their heaten heart to repentance.
    Thanks God for whatever happen, he is still in control :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great visual point about clarity and choosing what is best over what is good. Thank you for posting it. I needed that today!

  3. J.H. has pointed out everything so exactly! And I like your insight derived from the photos, colored and B&W. Indeed, we're so often distracted, by good stuff or bad... I'm definitely one of them. =P

    Since when have I took a moment and ponder upon His face, just to be still and know who our Lord is...

    And as I contemplate the falling snow, I thought I see Jesus again. His purity, His beauty and goodness, and how He would wash me white as snow...

    What a saviour we have in Him, but so often neglect...

    Have a blessed day.

  4. great photos sharilyn,
    and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  5. I love how nature can bring upon those sorts of realizations.


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