Wednesday, November 12, 2008

curiosity and wonder...

While we are born with curiosity and wonder and our early years full of the adventure they bring, I know such inherent joys are often lost. I also know that, being deep within us, their latent glow can be fanned to flame again by awareness and an open mind.
~Sigurd Olson

I have discovered (or am I just finally saying it aloud?) that I am a very curious person. I always have been, and probably always will be. I find myself intrigued by little things, strange things... teeny, tiny things or crawling things or growing things or fuzzy things or .... just all kinds of things.

They cause me to wonder... what are they? why are they...? how are they...? I touch. I smell. I get very up-close-and-personal and look in awe at the details and the color and the texture.

And, I've discovered that this wonder...this curiosity... is a source of deep joy for me. An inherent joy. When I am exploring, staring, poking, examining, (photographing!), the many wonders I see, it is truly an adventure! I can spend inordinate amounts of time doing this without realizing just how much time has actually passed. And with it comes not only a sense of joy but also a feeling of satisfaction... a fullness of life. An appreciation for the creation and for the One who Created it all....
I thought I would take you on a little adventure with me...
Come along and wonder....
what on earth made the sand stand up like that!?!? (a)
is that plant really as soft and fuzzy as it looks? (b)

what could those clear plasticky-looking things be on the beach!?! (c)

what does that tree bark feel like?? (d)

what is up those hidden stairs?? (e)
what the ...??? and what does it feel like if I poke it?? (f)
what is this sea creature, and why does it look like that?? (g) this thistle poke-y or soft after all? (h)

who was using this "chair" on the rocks to gaze at the sea?? (i)

what in the world ARE these things on a rock by the ocean?! (j)

...and how is it possible that I can see the moon so perfectly in the middle of the day!??! (k)
Can you feel the wonder? Did you experience the joy and adventure of the little journey? Open your eyes and mind today to see the little things, the wonder-full things, the curious things that are in your everyday life ... and experience the joy they can bring to your heart!
ps. I will give you the answers to the questions above at the end of tomorrow's post, it you want to know... : ) ...or you can just answer them with your imagination!!


  1. oh, the first picture is truly beautiful!
    I love watching moonrise, and it's get better in the winter :-)

  2. God's little gifts of wonder and majesty. Just seeing those pictures lifts me up! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Are you the photographer?

  4. Now Sharilyn, you got me intrigued too! I so enjoy the walk that you took me! =D Now are you going to share your findings huh? ;)

    Here goes my guess! =D

    a. Sea vessel?
    b. Umm... I'd say, 'nope'.
    c. Films? Membrane or something?
    d. It could feel smooth without the dents. BTW, I've noticed a partial heart. ;)
    e. Nothing. LOL, it ends before it leads to somewhere!
    f. YEEEWWW... Jelly...
    g. For this one, I absolutely have no idea.
    h. Soft! Hahah!
    i. Fishing fanatics?
    j. Hey, they look a lot like orange sacs to me! I think they're alive.
    k. Yeah, I wonder all the time too.

    I'm not feeling too well these days but your post instantly picks me up! Love your pictures, especially the moon. Thanks for sharing the beauty all around you. Hugs...

  5. JH & Debra - thanks for your kind words! :)

    Robin- thank you! and yes, i've taken all the photos on my blog. i ADORE taking pictures...especially close-ups!

    Stardust- i'm sorry you're not feeling well; i hope it's nothing serious? i'm glad my blog can brighten your day...that makes my day happy! :) and, i LOVE that you made guesses!! you did get a few right, too! :) (do look up the by-the-wind sailors on Google... they are marvelous when they still have their fleshy parts!) take care, my friend!


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