Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day...

A great big thank you
to all the men and women who have served
in the United States Armed Forces...
in the past and in the present!

* * * * *
Thank you...
it is such a small phrase
but so very much gratitude is packed into it.

Thank you... Bold
I appreciate you.

Thank you...
I salute you and the flag under which you serve.

Thank you...
for the freedom you protect.

Thank you...
for your courage.

* * * * *
For your service, I am grateful.
For your sacrifice, I am grateful.
For your willingness to put yourself in danger
to protect the freedoms
we so enjoy in this great nation of ours,

I am grateful!
My thanks and my prayers go out to you.


  1. Oh my gosh, it was THE best part of our day when we stopped by our neighbor's apartment. He's a quiet guy, a brilliant guy, and keeps all of his feelings about serving in Iraq to himself. We've inherited his kitty cat because he's allergic. SO. We got him some treats and we bundled up the kitty and knocked on his door and told him how grateful we were and how proud the kitty was of him (why yes, I DO anthropomorphize. :)) And although we've thanked him every year he's been back, this is the first time that he was able to smile so dearly and truly. And THAT made us even MORE grateful and just humbled that he accepted our thanks. It was quite wonderful.

  2. Ditto your post! I'm thankful also!

  3. thanks, storypeople, for your story. i'm so glad you were able to be with your neighbor and to brighten his day!

    Robin, thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your thanks!


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