Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the blue angels...

Wow! What a show! Saturday I went with my friends and their boys to the Miramar Air Show down near San Diego. We had caught a bit of the show last year and a bit of the 'air show bug' along with it... from that day forward we had been planning to go again this year. And here we were.... only this time, we actually had bleacher seats right up front to see all the action! It was so exciting and amazing!
Flags flying, the incredible roar of fighter jets flying over our heads, the rumbling feel of the jet roar in your stomach and chest! I loved it!
The US Navy Blue Angels show was preluded by a "Heritage Flight" which was planes/jets from three different eras of US military planes -- the oldest being the prop-driven Mustang... (in the middle in the picture below)
It was very interesting to see how far flight technology has progressed through the years. Toward the end of the demonstration flight, each one flew low before us so we could hear the difference in the sounds of the three. From the soft, almost insect-like hum of the Mustang to the sound-barrier-breaking roar of the newest jet-- what a change!
We all, of course, were eagerly awaiting the Blue Angels. We could see them in the distance on the tarmac, their tails sticking up above the crowd, patiently awaiting their turn to dazzle us.
And then it was their turn...and they were off! Taking to the skies to demonstrate their amazing flight skills...
Look at how close they are to one another... yet, so controlled, so precise...

I am in awe of their ability to fly so closely together... yet never touching...
and in such perfect formation... each one aware of his own position and that of each of the others.This is one of my favorite shots... a moment when the sun was briefly out and a piece of blue sky highlighted their blue and gold colors. And look at that line-up! Incredible!

I love it when they fly upside down! (I think I would be absolutely and completely sick to my stomach!!)
I love this formation with all six of the jets... look at how perfectly they are spaced. I cannot imagine flying hundreds of miles per hour and doing what these men do! They are truly amazing pilots! ...and a little video... this move always brings lots of cheers from the crowd...


There they are, in all their glory-- the US Navy Blue Angels!
I am so proud of the men and women in all branches of our military, and I appreciate their sacrifice and service for our country! I am grateful for the freedoms we have as a result of the service of our soldiers and sailors over the years... and for all they do for other countries as well.

The Blue Angels ended their show with a final salute as they flew in toward us in formation and then each flew off in a different direction. We in the crowd saluted them as well with a raucous round of cheers and whistles and applause...

It was a wonderful day... a bit tiring, but a good time was had by all!

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  1. Darling!! Do you know? I'm an Air Show fanatic!!

    love Love LOVE your pictures completely! Everyone of them actually!! Good following you've done then, they are always too fast for me to catch! WOW!

    I desired to join the national air force upon graduation, but hindrances showed up. My passion for planes have never ceased though... So thanks for sharing this exciting post. I love it!! =D


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