Thursday, October 9, 2008

"love" for dinner (or) love my dinner!...

I wasn't lookin' for love when I made my dinner. I was finally attempting to recreate the amazingly tempting buttered scallops with soy sauce my blogger friend, Stardust, had made back in July. She posted beautiful photos and the recipe, and I knew the day I read it that I would have to make it for myself. Hers looked absolutely delicious, and hey, how can one go wrong with seafood and butter and a frying pan??

Well, our scallops here in the States are a bit differently-shaped than those in Japan where Stardust is, and to save money since the dish was just for me, I used the little ones I found in the grocery store rather than the big ones she recommended. The recipe also calls for sesame seeds, and I didn't have the usual white ones. I did have some cool-looking black sesame seeds, so I used those instead. (hey, they match my black plates! so very artistic!)

Though my finished dish did not look at all as lovely as Star's did (none of the three times I've made them now!), they sure were delicious!!! I've been trying to get the browning process down nicely so I can serve them to friends in the future, but so far mine still 'pale' in comparison to hers! (you really should take a peek at her photos!)

Well, I served myself my scallops in a favorite black heart-shaped dish (sorry no full photo as, for some reason, I took only blurry ones!!) and was munching happily away when I noticed something quite delightful on one of the last scallops... look closely...

Do you see what I see???Right there on my scallop was a wonderful little sesame seed heart!! (Stardust, how about that sighting?! and on YOUR recipe, too!)

I was already loving that dinner, but that little heart made it all the better! I love it! These heart-discoveries always make me laugh and bring such joy to my day! Thanks, Stardust, for sharing the (food)love... and thanks, O Great Giver of Good Gifts, for giving me a little extra love with my dinner!

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  1. Aww... I'm speechless.

    I'm terribly sorry about reading the post this late! I'm truly glad that the recipe works for you. Your scallops look totally plump and juicy, I'm sure that they taste great!!

    About the ' Heart ', it's a truly rare sight don't you think! =D The black sesame makes it stand out, excellent! Is ' Heart ' sighted in my photo too?? Ah! I wish I have good eyes like yours. =P


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