Monday, October 27, 2008

HOLY COW!...just for fun...

Today's post is a bit silly and wholly (ha!) for the purpose of a smile or two. (While cooking dinner tonight, I cut one of my typing fingers, and the bandage is making it extremely difficult to, a short post is the result.)

When I was in Chicago last week, we ate at a restaurant called Harry Caray's. It is a fabulous steakhouse with delicious steaks. In celebration of the steak theme, there is a cow in the yard in front of the restaurant to welcome everyone:

You may think her coloring a bit odd, but well,
she is a holy cow.
Sort of.
In a way.
Well, see for yourself...


or, perhaps, more accurately...


Now, that's one holey cow! : )

...And here, a rare treat for you... a photo of ME...

taking the bull by the horns!

(even though she's not a bull)

And, that's all we have to say about that!

(sorry, but she really must be moooving on!)


  1. Sherilyn,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog...sorry I have been so long in replying...I need your e-mail address so I can put you on my newsletter blog has transformed into a three kids keep me way too busy to keep up this blog business..Its HARD!


  2. I finally get to see you! =D Great smile you have. =)

    Nahahaha! This is funny. It reminds me of an illustration I've seen years back : ' Holey Shit '. =P

    Hey, get your poor finger healed soon.

  3. I used to blog about making a TV show where the ghost of Harry Cary would give the lead actor tips, ideas and other say other things to him while he slept. And that was before I knew he had a steak joint with a huge cow in his likeness. Holy Cow! Cubs Win, Cubs Win! Sorry ;-)

    Thanks for your ice cube tray idea for the eggnog. Genius!!!

  4. stardust..thanks for enjoying my smile, though i realize i have now ruined the 'mystery' surrounding what i look like! (not to mention that i've blown my secret identity!) :) ...i'm having trouble typing as i now have a splint on my finger to protect the extremely sore and sensitive fingertip! :( i was very fortunate i didn't cut off the end of my finger...very sharp knife!

    michael c...welcome back to the blogging world, and thanks for stopping by my little place on the net! you gave me a chuckle!... and, from one eggnog-lover to another, i think 9mos is just too long to go without such a delight!!


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