Thursday, October 2, 2008

the pathway in the mind...

  • As a single footstep

    will not make a path on the earth,

    so a single thought

    will not make a pathway in the mind.

    To make a deep physical path,

    we walk again and again.

    To make a deep mental path,

    we must think over and over the kind of thoughts

    we wish to dominate our lives.

    ~Henry David Thoreau

    It is for this reason, we must pay attention to what we think--the words, the mindset, the attitude of our thoughts. It is for this reason that the 1000 Gifts list is so very important to me... I would speak words of gratitude that my life would be dominated by thankfulness and a heart that continually sees God's goodness...

    Finally, brothers,

    whatever is true, whatever is noble,

    whatever is right, whatever is pure,

    whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—

    if anything is excellent or praiseworthy

    —think about such things.

    ~Philippians 4:8

  • the ability to renew our minds (75)
  • being able to see God's goodness (74)


  1. I love this post dear, it's thought-provoking...

    I'm always encouraged by your sharing over the 1000 Gifts list. =) I've been thinking about doing it... but I forsee a high chance of closing the blog, who knows, soon.

  2. thank you...but what is this about you quitting your blog?? that would be a sad day for those of who enjoy reading and viewing your posts! :( if you're at all thinking about doing the 1000Gifts, i think you should just og ahead and do it! for me, it helps me to keep perspective on life and also to be positive and truly thankful for the many gifts in my daily life... whether big or small... it is very good for my relationship with the Giver of all good things! (let me know what's going on regarding your blog!)


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