Friday, October 3, 2008

a son's love...

Recently my friend J's son was outside playing in their yard when he yelled for her to come and look at something he had found. J followed him into the yard and this is what he showed her:

She (good girl!) immediately went back into the house to get the camera to take a picture of this little gift of love her son had given her! Isn't it wonderful?!

Upon closer examination, we have decided it was the outside of a seed pod from a tree. But to him -- and to her-- it was a demonstration of love!

I think it's absolutely delightful when people of all ages have eyes to see these special tokens of love found along life's daily path... (thanks J&R for sharing the love!!)

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  1. Now that is so cool! I love the heart and I love that is was in your son's heart to be looking for hearts that bless you ... and him.

  2. Aww... this is so sweet! I'm often amazed by what fine art nature produces. This is definitely one of the sweetest expression of love. =)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. The heart is so perfect. Sorry, am snooping to find a photo of you but haven't quite succeeded. Anyway, i better get some work done now.

  4. wasn't it wonderful! :) you made me laugh that you are snooping for a photo of me! :D there aren't many on the was a LOOOOONNNNGGG time before i posted one! so, i'll find a post for you and post it in a comment on your blog...then you won't have to search for the elusive needle in the haystack! :)


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