Thursday, October 16, 2008

sunset from above...

This afternoon/evening I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago. Boy! Were my arms tired!! : ) (I know that was terribly corny but it's VERY late --or early, in the morning that is!--and I couldn't resist!)

After about an hour and a half of the flight, when they finally had turned off the 'seat belts' sign, I got out of my seat to use the restroom. My seat was not a window seat, so I hadn't seen any of the landscape over which we were flying. Well, when I was standing in the aisle waiting for my turn in the rr, I was able to peer out someone's window. Oh, how I wish I had my camera in my hand at that moment!!! We were flying over a range of mountains (the Rockies?), and the sun was setting. The mountains were topped with snow, and a beautiful pinkish orange shade of sunset light was causing some of the peaks to absolutely glow! It was spectacular!!! I was in awe! I tried to get the folks sitting there to be as excited about it as I, but, well, I think I was a bit more excitable! I do so wish I could have captured it to share!

Then, when I got back to my seat, the passenger with the window seat in my row had put down his newspaper, and I was able to look out for a minute or two. The sky was incredible! I don't know if you've seen what the horizon looks like at sunset from up high in the sky, but it is really different and beautiful! A friend of mine had given me a photo she took of this once; it looks like horizontal lines of intense color, kind of like a very flattened and pressed-together rainbow against a dark blue/black background. And that's what I got a glimpse of tonight in those last few moments of the sunsetting behind us to the west. Lovely. (I wonder if that's what it looks like from heaven?!?!)

Just a couple of minutes ago, I was reading a friend's blog, and she has a picture posted on her blog today that looks like what I'm talking about above.... but hers is of a sunrise! If you want to see sort of what I'm trying to describe, go to her post for today, and look at the first photo. It was very much like that.

Those moments of sunset beauty were so very wonderful and made an otherwise-not-so-great-flight into a bit of a treasure... I'm so grateful to have been able to see those unusual and striking views from above. What delightful "eye candy" we get to taste if we have our eyes open to the blessings in our daily life...
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  1. Ohh... if only you were sitting by the window with a camera on hand. I'm imagining the rockies.

    Hey, there's always another chance!


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