Thursday, October 23, 2008

guest writer -- insight from anna...

Today, while I am still away from home, I thought I would treat you to a guest writer, my friend Anna. Anna wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed her insight. I hope it blesses your day today as well...

One major perk from moving into this great home in the Temecula “burbs" is the fabulous pantry in our's grand. It's actually the size of our Master Bathroom from our old house in OC [Orange County]! ~no joke. So you'd think with all that space it'd be easy to keep organized. Yeah, right. You all know even our walk in closets are a cluttered disaster! (Well, at least mine is)

About a month ago my husband, Patrick, purged and organized the pantry for me. He had seen enough... In “Anna’s world”, unloading groceries is one thing…getting them put away in under a couple hours is another! The perishables I pack together at the store just so I can just toss them into the garage refrigerator from the trunk…the rest is subject to my energy level and toddler tantrums that take priority.

I think Patrick anticipated his superior deed to last a lifetime… it did not. To our dismay, the pantry needs daily maintaining. It needs a good purging every couple weeks. It reminds me of the kitchen sink but with a door so I can hide from it! But then I am exposed to it multiple times throughout the day, and the added chore puts a burden on me somehow.

When Patrick comes home from a long hard day and purges it for me I feel so refreshed. I feel an ounce of sanity return… does this sound crazy, or can you relate? Maybe it’s not the pantry for you… maybe it’s the laundry room or the car. Maybe it’s the toy room or the baby room that never really got completely decorated--and now that baby is a toddler (and has a sibling?!). Maybe it’s that scrapbook?!

On a deeper level, maybe it’s that guilt you’ve been carrying around, that promise you broke, or that tone you took with your little one this morning…

I just shut the door most days. I ignore it… but I know it’s there. I’ve built “organizers” to make room for more of whatever it is that keeps collecting and overwhelming me… Sometimes the literal purge comes as a gift from Patrick in a literal place- the pantry. But most days, the spiritual pantry of my heart and soul as a woman and mother needs a refresher. That gift (of a purge) I accept from The One above, Who gives freely and clearly, and allows me to be human, make mistakes, learn from them, and even repeat them. Most importantly, He (God) allows me start over--daily if needed.

Each day is a new one, and sometimes I have to even think/survive down to the very minute being better than the last… Go for it--find that place and PURGE AWAY!!!

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  1. This is very thought-provoking, I guess it's relevant to everybody?

    But I like the insight of Anna, I like her spirit of not getting tired though the constant purging is necessary. I'm very encouraged today. =)


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