Wednesday, October 15, 2008

going "home"....

Home is the place where,
when you have to go there,
they have to take you in.
~Robert Frost
I like that quote; to me, it's just fun... because it can either be tongue-in-cheek or it can be reality. Home brings up a whole world (whirl?) of feelings... nostalgia, parents, family, childhood, comfort, challenges, seasons of life.... and so many more.
I work for a non-profit ministry that rescues street kids in Brazil (Hope Unlimited for Children), and our board meets twice each year to conduct the board business. I will be leaving tomorrow to orchestrate the details of and to attend the meeting, which is being held this time in Chicago. Since it is 'just across the water' from "home" for me, I will be flying on to Michigan for a week after the meeting this weekend.
Even though I've been transplanted in southern California, I do miss the countryside of Michigan and the seasons...and all the trees! There are so many trees there! (non-palm trees, that is!) And I miss being around my family. So, I'm looking forward to some time to spend not only enjoying the beauty of fall (I hope, I hope!!), the smell of the fallen leaves, the crisp coolness of the pre-winter air, the amazing colored leaves (please don't fall off til I get there!), and maybe a rain shower or two (and, dare I hope? a frost???)... but also the joy of being with family, of talking and laughing, of reconnecting, of just being together... because, when I go there, they just "have to take [me] in!"
Thank you, Father, for families and the role they play in our lives...
Thank you, Father, that they just have to take us in...! :)
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  1. Sharilyn dear,

    Hey I'm glad to know more about you now. =) A kind soul you must be, and here's a big hug for you. (((HUGS)))

    You must have missed everything in Michigan, I think I know that feeling. Have a wonderful trip darling, I hope that the leaves and colors stay for you. I wish you a great time with your family at home, do share lots of pictures when you're back. I'll be missing you.


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