Friday, October 17, 2008

room with a view... or view from my room...

I'm currently staying for a couple of days in a hotel near the O'Hare Airport just outside of Chicago. Today was a gloriously gloomy Midwest fall air and dreary skies. (sounds dismal, but it was a delightful change from sunny southern California!)

My room is a nice enough room on the fourth floor, which I like because I'm a windows-open-fresh-air kind of gal, and one can safely have one's windows open on the fourth floor. I was quite disappointed, however, when I opened the curtains to look outside--my view is of the freeway. No lush greenery or trees to really speak of... but lots of racing traffic zooming past. And, when I opened the sliding glass door to get a breath of fresh air, I was overwhelmed by the noise of the vehicles rushing by! So, I have the window open just a crack to get some air but to avoid most of the traffic sounds.

As I said, being 'blessed' with a glass-half-empty kind of temperament, I was disappointed by the view (or lack thereof) and the volume of the traffic sounds. Then I decided to practice what I preach and took a second look around... time to find the good things and to be grateful for the blessings in my day! ...I've got a GREAT bed (king size with giant pillows!!), and that's a wonderful thing! I treated myself to room service for breakfast since I had missed dinner last night... that WAS a treat! (I think I've only had room service once before!)

As I worked at the desk with the curtains open, I was able to watch some amazingly dark and dramatic clouds throughout the afternoon...

And when I stepped out onto my little (6" deep) balcony, I could see a freeway sign announcing the way to Chicago (for some reason, I really enjoyed that... proof that I'm in a land far, far away??)...

Look at the bits of fall colors behind the sign. AND, when I leaned over the balcony a bit and looked to the left, there was a gloriously golden tree (a walnut tree, I think?) within my sight:

Aren't the trees lovely?... The colors were all heightened by the gloomy, dark light today...

So, once again, I must ask myself the question..." On what will I place my focus today-- that which I do NOT have, or that which I DO?" I chose to be grateful and to have eyes to see the beauty and blessings God has placed in my path... He is good, and I am glad.
  • a fabulously comfortable bed (97)
  • the treat of a room-service breakfast (96)
  • dark and dramatic clouds (95)
  • traveling (94)
  • beautiful golden trees (93)

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