Saturday, September 20, 2008


Saturdays are for relaxing and for enjoying a day off from work... to sleep in, to read a book, to be outside in nature, to go for a walk... whatever it is that is your reward for a week's work well done. If I may make a suggestion for your day, perhaps it would be a good day to go outside and do some cloudwatching!
Take some time to look up at the sky and see what you can see... whether it's just an expanse of brilliant blue or sprinkled with fluffy clouds (my favorite!!), cloudwatching can bring you a sense of peaceful perspective... and maybe some entertainment as well! (depending upon what you think you see!!)
Here are a few of my sky/cloud photos to start off with...

above the clouds with a bird's eye view...

(I think this one looks like ice on a winter lake)

Sometimes it's just about the light...

...and you never know who may be watching you!! : ) the clouds above...
or perhaps the old men of the clouds in the photo below:
(do you see them? I see three profiles!)

Though I've yet to capture a heart-shaped cloud myself, my friend Stardust has captured a couple, and there's a great one on Ann Voskamp's blog.
(click on the links to see their posts)
Enjoy your day... and, if you do go cloudwatching, just be sure to do it safely! : )

  • Savage Chickens cartoons used by permission of artist. Check out more of the chickens at The Savage Chickens website.


  1. Yoohoo Darling, checking you out from Singapore! =DD

    I've been enjoying cloud watching too but these days, but a sense of ' assignment ' ( Spot the Heart ) seems to be creeping up, and I'm reminding myself to look not only for hearts, but also, the grandeur and beauty of the wide open above... just like you, you know? ;) Anyway, I hope that you'll spot a heart cloud soon.

    I caught a double-hearts too! Have you seen it?

    Hey, the chicken comic made me laugh =DD HUGS...

  2. so glad you're checking in while you're away! i thought you'd just be taking a break and filling up on lots of singaporean memories!! do enjoy yourself to the fullest! we'll all still be here when you get back! :)

    ps. we so rarely actually have clouds that i have to delight in them when they do show up! we're known here for vast expanses of unbroken blue sky! ah, southern california!


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