Friday, September 5, 2008

"the pollinator"...

While in northern California last weekend, I spotted these lovely flowers (I think of the Aster family) sporting their two-tone burgundy petals. They were such a beautiful deep red/maroon color and were quite striking, though the sunlight in the photos washes them out a bit.As I examined the center of the flowers more closely, I could see teeny, tiny spots of yellow pollen. In the picture below, you can even see a 'chunk' of pollen at the bottom of the flower center. What a treat THAT would be for a little honey bee!
I noticed on a flower close by that there was, indeed, a little honeybee hard at work collecting the miniscule pieces of pollen.
As I watched him, I was amazed at how diligently he was working...combing the flower with his feet, picking up the pollen, and fastening it to his back legs for transport to his hive.

Considering how very tiny were all those little pollen molecules, I was in awe of how much he had already collected! Look at those back legs:
And to show you just how much this busy little bee had collected, take a look at the ultra-closeup below! Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body-building days couldn't beat the legs on this little guy!

Amazing!! I've dubbed him "the Pollinator!" (said with your finest Austrian accent!)

As I look upon nature and its inhabitants, especially through a telephoto lens, I am filled with wonder and delight at the incredible creativity with which it was all made. I am continually astounded by the brilliant colors and magnificent detail of the flowers and trees, skies and oceans, and all of the glorious (and not-so-glorious! see my War of the Worms post!) creatures our God has made for His enjoyment and ours! I am so grateful for the many wonders of this world!

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