Monday, September 22, 2008

welcome, fall!

Well, it is here... the first day of autumn. As the sun has set on the final days of summer, fall has now fallen upon us. Growing up in the Midwest, I have always loved the fall--the crisp, cool air, the green leaves of summer giving way to the beautiful colors of fall as the trees change into their autumn garb. Brilliant oranges, yellows, reds, and even occasionally a reddish pink hue. How I love this time of year...

Living now in southern California, I do not get to experience quite the intense drama of the midwestern autumn, but we do still know that fall is here. The nights get cooler and the days shorter; the fall flower trees bloom, and the leaves of some of the trees do turn colors. It is a lovely time of year!

Though our leaves have not yet begun to turn, I thought I would give you a bit of a taste of fall...just to whet your appetites...

As we say our good-byes to summer, let us welcome with open hearts and eyes the beauty of fall...

  • beautiful colors of fall (62)
  • the changing of the seasons (61)
  • the cool, crisp autumn air (60)
  • trees dressed in their fall finery (59)
  • the beginning of a new season (58)

...for these things, O Creator of the seasons, I am grateful...


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! Totally beautiful splash of colors! Thank you for sharing the lovely sights, I can see why you love Fall. I adore the colors too, but, hehe, you know... it's a little sad to have shorter days, and a little scary to feel the temperature decrease. Hahahaha...

    Oh well, I have warm friends, I have you!

    Thanks for sharing this dear. =) I hope you'll take good time to feel the Fall. =)

  2. ah, yes! i do love the colors of fall, though i don't see much of them here. these were all taken in Northern California last year...but i shall be on the lookout for any photographable (word?!) ones here in our area. as for me, i LOVE the cold weather and can hardly wait for it to arrive...being in southern CA, we usually have 70's much of the year... you'd probably really like it here! enjoy the warmth of the fall, my friend!!


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