Wednesday, September 24, 2008

heart of remembrance...

Today is the anniversary of a very dear friend of mine. It is the three-month anniversary of her death, which may sound like a morbid or depressing topic about which to blog, but... actually, it is the three-month anniversary of her joyful entry into her heavenly home and the beginning of an amazing eternity there! And THAT is reason to celebrate!

My friend, Andrea (or Andie, as most people knew her), was a wonderful person with a great big heart! She was known by most everyone in the small town where we lived (including many tourists as well!), and her memorial --her life celebration -- was attended by about two hundred people. In her life here on earth, she wore a big smile and was full of laughter... that is how I will always remember her! She touched many lives with her caring, her cooking, and her couch, if you needed a place to lay your head!

On the day of her memorial service, when the 'festivities' were over, and we had finished with the clean-up, a mutual friend of ours and I went to a local Mexican restaurant to wind down. The previous few weeks had been very long and painful for me, as Andie had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and then passed away just three short weeks after the diagnosis. Those weeks had been full of doctor appointments, difficult conversations, hospitalization, and many, many emotions. I, personally, was exhausted.

When my friend and I were seated in the restaurant, chips and salsa were placed before us, and we dove right in. We (meaning mostly ME, as I LOVE salsa!!) had eaten our way through the first bowl of salsa, and I was just pushing the bowl to the edge of the table for the waiter to give us a refill, when I saw something that brought joy to my saddened heart and made me LAUGH!! (Can you guess?!?)

This is what I saw in the salsa bowl:

...for those of you who need a little help with this, I've cropped it out for you:

And here, I had scooped it out of the bowl and put it on the edge of my glass...

How much fun is THAT?!?! Once again, it was my loving Father's way of telling me He knows my heart, my sorrows, my language... and reminding me that He is in every moment of this life with me and that He loves me. And, I must admit, I think it's rather funny that it was in a bowl of salsa, and Andie was of Mexican heritage!!! Perhaps this is a reminder that she is dancing in heaven ... maybe even the Salsa!!

So, here's to you, my friend Andrea! A heart of love in remembrance of you... of the love you shared with others and the love we had for you! and of the love of a kind and generous Father Who continually speaks to our hearts!

  • for the love of a best friend (67)
  • for the joy of reaching heaven! (66)
  • for a Savior Who gave me everything so I may be there with Him! (65)
  • for dancing (64)
  • for hearts found in wonderfully strange places! (63)

    ...for these, I am truly grateful today!


  1. Oh...

    Death is still a difficult issue for me to look face to face in and I pray that my Lord will spare me from unneccesary pain.

    I'd like to be reminded that Andrea is in heaven with our Father, and that heart is something sent by the angel to remind you, Andrea's happy up there! =*)

    It's a touching rememberance...

  2. Oh I love how God loved on you with a heart in the salsa bowl. That is just TOO COOL! He did that for me one time, too. I was driving and distracted and sad and I looked at the truck in front of me and the tail lights were hearts. I praised Him. When I looked back they were gone. It was just for me. Our Daddy rocks!

  3. Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! :) Always love to have new friends. Found you from A Holy Experience's Gratitude Community. Isn't that cool? The "Warrior Princess" picture is from Elijah List. You can click on the picture and it will go to the site and tell you more about it and the artist. Have a FAB day!

  4. stardust... yes, it's been a tough summer and the first close friend i've had to lose... but God is truly good, and she is dancing on streets of gold with nary a worry or pain! pure joy! for that i am grateful! and that i shall dance with her again one day!

    debra... thanks so much for your wonderful and encouraging words!! i'm so glad you stopped in! and i LOVE the tailgate story!!!! God is so generous with His gifts when we have eyes to see and hearts to understand! and thanks for the info on the picture-- i used to read the Elijah List, and the friend it reminded me of always reads it! i don't know many people who even know about it, so it's great to meet another fan! :) i look forward to reading more of your posts!


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