Tuesday, September 16, 2008

amazing creature of the sea...

I wanted to share with you today one of my favorite photo series I've taken. I love these photos because the subject was so very unexpected...startling, even, in its amazing colors!

I was at the beach one day on Catalina Island, and as usual for me, I was walking along the water's edge searching for sea glass and fragments of Catalina tile. I happened upon this rather ordinary-looking barnacle:

It was a pretty rosey pink and sandy brown color... but no big deal... or so I thought. But, all of a sudden, the barnacle (which was alive, though I didn't realize it when I first picked it up!) opened up... and look at the color of the inside rim of the shell!!! --

Astonishingly bright red and turquoise blue!! I was amazed at the absolutely stunning colors INSIDE the rather plain-looking barnacle! WOW! It almost took my breath away!

And what was even more wonderful to me was the fact that these creatures are usually under water and unseen by humans. I find it thoroughly delightful to know that God creates such incredibly beautiful creatures and puts them in places where almost no humans can/will see them! He makes them beautiful for His own pleasure... because He delights in them Himself! I think that is so fabulous!

While I was admiring and exclaiming over the amazing colors of the barnacle, it decided to poke its "legs" out of the shell and wave those 'feathery appendages' about a bit:

What a treat for me! I had never seen the insides of a barnacle before, as they are usually closed up tightly when they are where I can see them on the rocks at low tide. These little "legs" are what the barnacle reaches out into the water to catch passing plankton for its dinner.

And then, when I thought I had seen it all (at least of this little guy!), it BLEW A BUBBLE!!

How cool is that?!?! I definitely felt privileged to have been able to see and to photograph this incredible little sea creature... it was a VERY good day in my world of discovery and delight!

I love it when we get a special glimpse into the unbelievably artistic work of the Creator! He sure does great work! And this on a creature which is no bigger than a quarter! (I can hardly wait to see how amazing will be the beauty of heaven!!)

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ~Psalm 139:14

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  1. Glorious thing! I've seen giant clams like this underwater, and heard the sound like a huge heartbeat that thumps through the water as they push water through their bodies. It's amazing to go into the underwater world.

  2. What incredible and awe-inspiring pictures. Not only is it a beautiful and detailed creature, but its outer shell resembles the human heart a bit, don't you think? As if God took a beautiful creature and fashioned part of our own bodies after it.

    Also, I just love seeing shades of blue pop up in natural settings. It's not a common color to spot, so it's extra special when it appears.


  3. oh how beautiful! To be able to see such a creature up close is such a treat. Amazing!

  4. Totally awesome!! I'm swept away by the brilliant colours of it! The bright blue strip across, no one can deny that God is an amazing creator!!

    I love these close ups... I wish I could see it in person. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. wow, Morning! that sounds awesome! i know i was amazed at the sound of parrotfish (in Hawaii), their beaks scraping the rocks as they scavanged for food bits!

    yes, Jenna, i absolutely LOVE it when i find blue in nature! it's so very striking and unusual!


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