Friday, September 19, 2008

lemon head...

I have a bowl of 'fruit' sitting on the table. Well, actually, it's a bowl of fake fruit, but they are very real-looking, and from a distance, one would think they were (real, that is!). I do have a habit of also tossing my REAL lemons and oranges on top of the other fruit in the bowl, and sometimes, I forget that I have real fruit in sitting in the bowl with the fake. And, no, there's nothing wrong with that, unless, as I also have a habit of doing, I forget the real fruit long enough for it to begin to resemble the stuff of science projects--meaning it begins to turn strange colors and grow a bit of mold on it!

Well, this morning, as I was walking into the kitchen, I passed the fruit bowl and noticed that I had, once again, started a science project. One of the lemons had begun to turn a bit white and green with mold. Not at all disturbed, I picked the penicillin-producing lemon out of the bowl, opened the trash can, casually tossed it in, and closed the lid. And that was that!

I finished getting ready for work and was clearing some junk mail off the table before leaving. I opened the trash can lid to toss in the junk mail and burst out laughing!! This is what I saw gazing back up at me from inside the trash can:

Yeah, Mr. Lemonhead, that's exactly how I feel some mornings!! : ) He does look a bit shell-shocked, doesn't he?! (I guess it was a trashy morning for him!)

I hope you enjoyed my fruity little friend as much as I... I do so love the delightfully quirky things in life! Happy Friday!!

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