Tuesday, September 9, 2008

frighteningly beautiful...

Ok, I know this post may frighten some of you away (like Little Miss Muffet), and I apologize in advance for that... but I couldn't resist showing you this little beauty! I was on a walk the other day and saw this lovely rose. It was so amazingly bright and beautifully-colored that I could not pass by without examining it more closely:
Well, as I stepped in close to take a gander and a big sniff, I noticed a great big spiderweb connected to it...and on the great big spiderweb was a great big spider! (go figure!) I guess Ms. Spider was just about as startled as I, and though I quickly turned my camera to her instead of the rose, she just as quickly scrambled away... right ONTO the rose!! (look at the bottom of the flower above)

She was a wonderful speciman with such a marvelous pattern on her that I had to get a closer look! She, as you can see in the photo below, was shy, and darted under the petals of the rose, thinking she was out of my view: I, however, was just as determined as she, and waited a bit for her to relax her guard and crawl down the stem to see whether or not I was still lurking about (and yes, I was!):I wanted to share this amazing little creature with you because she is so striking! Her coloring and pattern are fabulous!! Let's go in a bit closer so can admire her detail... (If you have a bit of arachnophobia, just try to suspend reality for a few moments and pretend she's something else, if you can...she really is awesome!)Check out the intricate pattern on her back and sides (and those hairy legs! my goodness!!)

...and that furry head!

You have to admit she's really kind of cute, in her spidery sort of way! : ) Well, after a few moments and several close-up photographs, she decided I wasn't going to smash her, so she settled into her kick-back hang-upside-down-and-relax pose for a final shot:

Personally, I think she was beginning to enjoy the photo shoot and was trying to show off her 'best side.'

Thanks for bearing with me on this one, as I simply could not keep myself from sharing such a marvelous little creature! I love the way God is so creative and detail-oriented! And I thoroughly enjoy His use of color and patterns even on things which most people run shrieking away from instead of stopping to admire His handiwork! He really is an incredible Artist!

(for a couple of very entertaining spider stories, check out these two links-- My Daddy and the Spider and A Spider Gets Notice To Quit. I read these, and they SO made me laugh!!)


  1. ***YIKES!!***

    Thats way too close of a photo of a spider for me!!

  2. hey meleah, so glad you popped in! i was planning to send you an email today to let you know i linked to your fabulous spider story... i didn't think, after YOUR early spider experience, you would probably want to see my photos! i commend you for your BRAVERY!! and thanks for such a well-written and entertaining story; i laughed for quite some time after reading it! ~sharilyn

  3. Fabulous shots!!! I'm a professed bug lover, too! You have a keen eye for discovering extraordinary beauty in the most unlikely of creatures. Beautiful patterning on her back. God created each one with such unique markings...just shows me how much love and beauty exists when we can see beyond our fear and judgments.

  4. WELL SAID!! :) so glad you enjoy these things with me!

  5. Dear Sharilyn, the spidee is frightening indeed, but I gasp at its beauty... Those details like a specially designed outfit, I wonder if it knows what loveliness it's wearing... God is awesome don't you think, His bestowed uniqueness is even evident in the most unnoticed. Beautiful...

    Your blog is loved too. Check out the 11th Sept post, and catch this hug. ((()))

  6. Yikes is right! And this one is CLEARLY not a hair clip, like Meleah's was. :) I don't know if I should thank you for this post - it kind of gives me the willies.

  7. I can feel goosebumps all over :P . As long as they are at a distant from my body, I'll say they are very beautiful creatures ;) , and I like the patterns on its back, simple but unique.
    Thanks for dropping by.


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