Thursday, September 4, 2008

morning glory and love in the alley...

I live in the city--in a block with mostly small apartment buildings interspersed with a house here and there. Parking is a prime commodity in our neighborhood, and I am greatly blessed to have a designated parking space behind our building. In order to get to and from our parking spaces, we have to drive through the alleys. Most of the time the alleys are not so beautiful nor photogenic--some graffiti sprayed on walls or trash cans, a few overflowing trash bins, the backsides of buildings.

There is one piece of the alley that's not too bad-looking, as there is a brown fence running along a large section of it. There is a viney plant which drapes over it at one end, and in the spring that plant has wonderful flowers (passion plant) and sometimes bright orange fruits hanging on it. But that's pretty much the sum total of beauty in the alley.

This morning, however, as I drove to work, I was thrilled to see this bit of beauty hanging over the fence, glowing in the bright morning sun:

Ah, what a glorious morning! (get it? morning glories!) Their deep purple faces with the star in the middle--it's pink rays reaching from it's glowing white center to the edges of the purple trumpet-shaped 'petals.' I had to stop my car, roll down the window, and just drink in the delicious loveliness of the blooms! Then, of course, I had to take photos of them as well!
I was intrigued by the wonderful twisting end of the vine and began my photo session with that. After I had taken a photo or two, I suddenly noticed the shape of the leaves:
That's right! Hearts!! I was doubly blessed...not only beautiful flowers in my favorite color but a heart-discovery as well! And then, later today when I was reviewing the photos, I discovered this: (look closely at the shadow on the fence in the first's a crop to help you...)

I had to laugh in delight! I had not noticed that when I was taking the pictures! A bonus heart-sighting!! The Creator truly is wonderful!

I hope you enjoy my little bit of 'love in the alley' and that it brings you a smile as well...
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  1. Oh this is so WONDERFUL! Darling do you spot it too in the top 3rd picture? I totally understand your burst of laughter, what a jolly find!

    A peck on your forehead, thanks for sharing this. Oh yes, beautiful Morning Glories too... =D


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