Monday, September 1, 2008

hearts for the holiday...

While away from home for the holiday weekend, it has been a joy to find several new hearts along my path! I discovered this lovely little heart rock in my friend's yard as I was walking from the car to her door:
And this heart leaf was just waiting for me on the ground as we were leaving a park where we had taken an afternoon stroll yesterday:

...sending you all a little love from Northern California...

(and Happy September!!)


  1. Hey, why is it so difficult for me to find a heart rock?!?!

    Oh you're so blessed!

  2. ah, stardust, don't give up! you've found hearts in other things...the rock is on its way! :) i shall begin to pray for you to find one! (and, please know, i don't find them all that often now...but i do see the heart shapes in so many other things and places)

    make sure we all know when you find yours, my friend! :)


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